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Our branding Value service is designed to give you the time and activity needed to grow and strengthen your brand identity. You gain a consistent brand underpinned by your target audience needs and brand purpose. We prioritise usability and high impact so your brand remains relevant online and offline.

Together, we spend time gaining a deeper understanding of your brand’s purpose to grow a strong visual identity. Your project begins with a strategic workshop and audit so you can help us get to know the core of your business and what makes you tick. We use this inspiration to create and deliver a concept that represents your brand.

Your refreshed identity will encompass your vision, values and goals to refine your purpose in the industry. Your brand strategy details the future direction of your branding based on your market positioning, competitors and audience - adding value at every point of the customer journey.

Your assets and guidelines ensure you can embed your brand across all sales and marketing activities You’ll have a consistent brand that fully represents your ‘why’. Your customers will understand who you are and exactly why they should engage with your brand.


What’s included

Bolt Logo
Strategy Workshop
Bolt Logo
Brand Audit
Bolt Logo
Brand Strategy
Bolt Logo
Brand Discovery
Bolt Logo
Brand Identity
Bolt Logo
Brand Guidelines

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