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Improve search engine optimisation

Popular among businesses in the food and beverage sector, Pro Environmental wanted to increase their profile and search engine ranking locally. With so much topical knowledge and expertise to offer, there was an opportunity to develop a digital strategy that establishes trust and authority among the target audience.

Pro Environmental Growth and Development


Become educational leaders in the sector

As a business operating in Kent, Pro Environmental wanted to generate brand awareness and drive website traffic from the local area and South East. We identified their niche target audience and implemented a local SEO strategy focused on ranking higher for the long-tail keywords: ‘Plastic recycling Kent’ and ‘Plastic recycling near me’. With location tools switched on, users searching for recycling, plastic and environmental services in their local area would be drawn to the relevance of Pro Environmental’s website.

With the goal to become educational leaders in the sector, we developed a bespoke content strategy incorporating on-page SEO tactics. As consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, we created weekly blog posts on pressing recycling and plastic issues. Based on reactive news and helpful guides, the content published attracted users to the site due to its value and relevance. Using the best performing content, we implemented more on-page SEO tactics to increase ranking for ‘Post-consumer waste’, ‘PET plastic bottles’ and ‘Plastic packaging tax’.

Pro Environmental Growth and Development


Leading PET specialists

The SEO and content strategies increased Pro Environmental’s ranking and traffic to site significantly. In three months, the SEO score increased by 17% from 82% to 96% due to the relevance of content and services. In one month, users to the site increased by 248%. The local SEO tactics increased Pro Environmental’s Google page ranking for ‘Plastic recycling Kent’ from page five to page two.

Pro Environmental Growth and Development
Pro Environmental Growth and Development


Market-leading branding

Just go’s new brand is professional, classic and adventurous. It’s a complete transformation from the previous branding and now establishes consistency across all messaging, content and platforms. The brand guidelines, logos, templates and marketing materials create flexibility and professionalism. Just go’s branding now reflects their market-leading services and outstanding reputation in the industry.

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