Personal hiring experience

Getting hired after graduating is notoriously difficult for students. The industry is full of young people looking for roles that put their degrees into practice. Gradfuel approached us with the aim to design a personal hiring experience for students. The platform had to be smart, intuitive and deliver a seamless user experience.

Gradfuel Creative and Development


Differentiate from a traditional, corporate industry

With a brilliant product to put in front of students and employers, Gradfuel needed an equally brilliant brand. Inspired by the likes of Lyft, ChargedUp and Cleo, we designed a brand identity and messaging that was sleek, engaging and bold. The messaging across the website is clear, concise and isn’t overdone by confusing content and recruitment jargon that means nothing to graduates unfamiliar with the industry.

The key to the seamless user experience on the Gradfuel platform is the smart tech behind it. The website uses automation throughout its functionality to ensure students and employers find what they need when they need it. We linked the website to HubSpot CRM system to track the forms built for graduates and businesses. We integrated a Facebook chat bot to act as a personal assistant for students looking for instant career support.

To make sure Gradfuel delivered a personalised experience targeted at the young audience, we used gifs throughout the website. Video is one of the most effective ways to grab and retain audience attention, particularly for young people. The gifs showcase the Facebook message chat functionality in a fun, informal way using memes and popular references. The gifs show students how to get in touch with Gradfuel and how easy, friendly and modern the platform is. To ensure students got the full Gradfuel experience, we implemented a yellow line contrasting with the blue and white colour palette to guide the user down the screen - hitting every touchpoint that gets them to engage with Gradfuel.

Gradfuel Creative and Development


24,350 conversations in 2 months

The result is a bold and engaging website that delivers a personal experience tailored to graduate and employer needs. The automation and Facebook chat bot has resulted in 24,350 conversations with Gradfuel in just two months of the website launch. The easy to use platform allows employers and recruiters to find students that fit their requirements seamlessly, so much so that 340 graduate companies have come on board in a matter of weeks. To date, 10,203 graduates have used Gradfuel to find their perfect role after leaving university.

Gradfuel Creative and Development
Gradfuel Creative and Development


Market-leading branding

Just go’s new brand is professional, classic and adventurous. It’s a complete transformation from the previous branding and now establishes consistency across all messaging, content and platforms. The brand guidelines, logos, templates and marketing materials create flexibility and professionalism. Just go’s branding now reflects their market-leading services and outstanding reputation in the industry.

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