Create a memorable customer experience

Bowimi came to bolt with a brand that was flat, inconsistent and lacking in a clear direction to take the business. With such a unique ability to put brands directly in the hands of the consumers, we wanted to develop a brand and website that communicates Bowimi’s USP in a memorable way.

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Differentiate with a straight-talking attitude

As a startup brand, Bowimi had conducted no marketing activities to date. We had to build brand awareness from the ground up to ensure users understood the value of Bowimi’s service. Wifi is the key draw of Bowimi’s service; the ease of use and accessibility was something we wanted to communicate from the start. We chose a pale blue and pink colourway using wifi symbolism in the logo and imagery. The branding had to be recognisable across venue types while internally prompting customers to redeem the offers using the guest wifi.

As Bowimi works with B2B and B2C users, there needed to be a clear differentiator between the content used to target them. We created messaging that was communicated across the website and social media clearly defining the benefits of Bowimi depending on the user’s needs. On the website, consumers can use the map function to identify all current Bowimi venues. Brands and venues also have access to their own areas of the website that showcase studies, benefits and how the software works.

As well as the UX and UI design of the website, we created a clear and engaging customer journey on mobile when in Bowimi venues. Targeting an audience of pub-goers, the tone of voice was fun and energetic to entice customers to follow the call to actions. The loading screens were jokes and riddles that the user could share with friends. The campaign imagery was bright, enticing and required a simple click of a button to redeem.

Ignition Branding, Development and CRM


Secure new brand partnerships

The website, social media and branding strategy was successful in growing Bowimi’s brand awareness and gaining new partnerships. Bowimi hosted brand campaigns for Brockman’s, Sxollie, Noveltea and more following the new creative look. Organic traffic to the website increased by 60% in November alone. Due to the value of Bowimi’s content, social traffic to the website increased by 53% while the social bounce rate decreased by 19%.

Ignition Branding, Development and CRM
Ignition Branding, Development and CRM


Market-leading branding

Just go’s new brand is professional, classic and adventurous. It’s a complete transformation from the previous branding and now establishes consistency across all messaging, content and platforms. The brand guidelines, logos, templates and marketing materials create flexibility and professionalism. Just go’s branding now reflects their market-leading services and outstanding reputation in the industry.

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